Legislative News

Here is some great news from our Legislative Committee!

The Legislative Committee is currently working on addressing Fair Compensation for School-Based SLPs. In our state, highly specialized school-based professionals (current estimates being mostly teachers) receive additional funds in their contract. School-based SLPs are eligible school-based providers to receive funding; however, the discretion for receiving these funds is up to superintendents. We are looking for help at our upcoming conference to collect data on which districts are dispersing funds and who receives them. If you're interested in this, this information can be found online through some searching. We would love to know, at the conference or before, if you're receiving the additional funding.

In 2024, we will address our statewide shortage of SLPs across all settings. We will need assistance with distributing surveys and interviewing employers to get data regarding current shortage status and project shortage status. We would love a helping hand in this matter, please reach out if you're interested.


New England's Interstate Compact Passed 

Maine became the 29th state to pass the Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact! The ASLP-IC will allow audiologists and SLPs who have a license in a member state to obtain a privilege to practice in other member states. This will benefit audiologists, speech-language pathologists, consumers and states by:

  • improving consumer protection across state lines;
  • increasing access to care for patients, clients, and/or students;
  • facilitating continuity of care when patients, clients, and/or students relocate or travel to another compact member state;
  • promoting cooperation between ASLP-IC member states on interstate licensure and regulation requirements; and
  • ensuring that audiologists and speech-language pathologists have met acceptable standards of practice.

The ASLP-IC is expected to start issuing privileges to practice in 2024 contingent on implementation of a data system to connect the Commission with state licensing boards. In the meantime, the Commission is still meeting and developing rules, bylaws, and policies. Once the compact is operational there will be information on the website on how to apply for a privilege to practice.

 Susan Adams, Esq., CAE

Director, State Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association



New NIH Designation for People With Disabilities Means More Funding for Health Equity Research written byAdena Dacy, MS, CCC-SLP (she/her/hers), is an ASHA associate director of health care services in speech-language pathology. [email protected]