Licensure Requirements

ASHA Continuing Education Requirements

Below is an outline of the state of Maine’s Annual Continuing Education Requirements for Speech-Language Pathologists. The board’s rules are available via the following link:

  • 10 hours of continuing education annually with the licensure term ending on February 28th of each year.
  • A minimum of 6 hours of in-person education via attendance at seminars, completion of coursework at an accredited college or university, or distance learning opportunities in which the instructor is available for immediate instruction
  • A maximum of 4 hours may be completed in the following ways: preparation and presentation of a seminar/workshop/in-service designed for SLPs/audiologists/hearing aid fitters,  peer-reviewed journal articles/published professional works (follow rules set forth in Chapter 8 of the board’s rules), distance learning where the presenter is not available for immediate instruction, completion of a home study which requires a scored assessment or post-completion certificate
  • All continuing education must fall within the content areas outlined in Chapter 8, section 6 of the board’s rules.

For additional state information, ASHA has provided links to all state licensure and continuing education requirements: